Fall 2014 FloridaACE Board Meeting Highlights

Megan Waldeck, Secretary, Florida Career Professionals Association

Name Change Updates

We are now officially FloridaACE! Thanks to the Name Change Committee for all your hard work that helped us get here. There is a new logo for the FloridaACE website and social media, as well as a new website URL. To help all members stay engaged, our Communications and Outreach Committee has created a blog to replace our old newsletter. You are still encouraged to submit articles and member updates to be posted to the blog. Please submit your articles (with photos if applicable) and/or news updates to info.manager@florida-ace.org. Member News does not have to be in the form of a formal article – simply email a few sentences regarding you or your staff member’s accomplishment/transition/etc.

2014 Conference

The 2014 conference received good reviews overall. There was LOTS of great interaction with FloridaACE social media – make sure to keep it up and stay connected! Photos from the conference can be found on the FloridaACE Facebook page and in the Members Only section of the FloridaACE website

Keep a lookout for the announcement of the Breakout Spotlight winner from Emmanuela Stanislaus, our Professional Development Director.

2015 Conference

Our Vice President, Adam DeRosa, has posted the 2015 conference tentative schedule on the FloridaACE website. Stay tuned for more updates about the conference site and programming! There was a lot of discussion at the fall board meeting about what we can do to make our upcoming 50 Year Anniversary special at the 2015 conference. Look out for opportunities to get involved!

Organization Updates/Goals

  1. Name change of organization – completed!
  2. Increase membership – Our Membership Development Director, Heather Engelking, is coordinating outreach efforts
  3. Increase volunteer opportunities – This was exemplified through creation of Communications & Outreach Committee. Keep a lookout for more opportunities to get involved!
  4. Review the constitution – Our President, Delicia Lewis, is in the process of reviewing our constitution.
  5. Acquire Director & Officer coverage for board members – in progress

Other News

The CCFCC Career Expo is scheduled for February 27 at the University of Tampa.