2014 John T. Brownlee Leadership Award Recipient- Sheila Hood, The University of Tampa

Mark W. Colvenbach, Director of the Office of Career Services, University of Tampa

Each year membership comes together for our annual pilgrimage to a Florida destination (usually a beautiful beach) to catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues and share best practices to help us all be more effective professionals.   Part of this tradition is to award the highest of honors, the John T. Brownlee Leadership Award, given in acknowledgment of a member’s outstanding contribution for the newly re-named        FloridashACE organization.  To provide a brief but important FloridaACE history lesson,  The John T. Brownlee Leadership Award was established by the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers (formerly known as FCPA) in recognition of John T. Brownlee’s contribution and tireless efforts on behalf of the organization.  In John’s years (1977-1986) of involvement with FloridaACE, he served as a board member and as President.  He brought enormous energy and enthusiasm to the organization and this award serves as an ongoing memorial in recognition of his dedication and commitment.  Those who knew John knew of the high standards he practiced in both his personal and professional life.  He was a son, husband, father, colleague, and friend.  He found the time to be active professionally, socially, and in the community, but always kept family number one.  Continue reading

2014 Conference Breakout Spotlight Announcement

Emmanuela Stanislaus, Professional Development Chair, Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

I know that everyone has been on pins and needles waiting for us to announce the UntitledBreakout Spotlight.  Well, wait no more…the top rated program from the 2014 annual conference was Ready, Set, Grow: Providing Seniors the Tools for Success by presenters Robin Kazmarek and John Sheehy from Stetson University.  Congratulations to the pair on an awesome presentation!

The webinar will take place on Thursday, November 6th from 12pm-1pm.  Be sure to mark your calendars.  This webinar is sponsored by FloridaACE and open to all FloridaACE and SoACE members.  Information about the webinar will be sent through the Florida ACE list serve.

Kayla Murphy of Flagler College Awarded 2014 Student of the Year

Tara Stevenson, Private College/University Representative, Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

photo 2Kayla Murphy interned with Flagler College Career Services this past spring and proved to be an integral piece to the success of our office.  She plans to go into the field of Student Affairs following her graduation in December with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  This semester Kayla is interning in Student Activities to add more experience to her resume.

As an intern with Career Services, Kayla’s responsibilities included:  Continue reading

Tara Stevenson Wins 2014 FloridaACE New Member Award

Tracy Joinson, 2014-15 Past President, Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

She was off and running almost from day one.  Tara Stevenson, Director of Career Tara Stevenson HeadshotServices at Flagler College, joined FloridaACE in 2012 and became immediately active in the organization.  She very quickly joined a conference committee and although not the chair of the group, took the lead in efficiently organizing an activity.  Maybe she caught the FloridaACE bug (or is it more of an addiction???) because after the conference was over, she again quickly responded to a call for volunteers for a new standing committee of the organization, the Communications & Outreach committee.  It was obvious Tara was making a more long-term commitment to the organization because it was clear that this wasn’t a “temporary” committee.  It was no surprise that when the new Committee members were solicited for chair/co-chairs, Tara did not hesitate to be a co-chair, and remains as such today.  As part of that Committee’s work, she started FloridaACE’s first Facebook page in late 2013 and continues to manage it always looking for interesting content and postings to engage members.  Who doesn’t love her #TBTs or Friday Fun posts?

There must have been more than one person noticing Tara’s quick involvement and contributions because she was nominated and elected to the FloridaACE board of directors as the Private College/University representative at the 2014 annual conference.

Although we have MANY wonderful and dedicated members in FloridaACE, it seems Tara is just the type who was in mind when the New Member Award was created in 2010.  She joins the ranks of (illustrious!) past winners:  Valerie Kielmovitch (2013), John Sheehy (2012), Lisette Guillen-Dolby (2010), Eric Hall (2009) and Jennifer Browning (2008).

5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Make You A Better Career Counselor

Val Matta, Vice President of Business Development, CareerShift

Career counselors, you’re probably wondering, “How can a newsfeed of gifs and memes possibly make me better at giving career advice?” Well, if you use your professional blog that way, it probably won’t.

cloud of words or tags related to blogging and blog design on a

Image Courtsey of PixelsAway

Sixty percent of businesses use a business or company blog to communicate with the information-seekers of the world, and these blogs receive 528,000,000 page views each month. That’s a lot of exposure for a brand. Why aren’t all career counselors doing the same?

Blogging offers professionals and students a unique way to network with others on a global scale. Here are a few reasons you should blog to connect with your job-seeking audience: Continue reading