2014 John T. Brownlee Leadership Award Recipient- Sheila Hood, The University of Tampa

Mark W. Colvenbach, Director of the Office of Career Services, University of Tampa

Each year membership comes together for our annual pilgrimage to a Florida destination (usually a beautiful beach) to catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues and share best practices to help us all be more effective professionals.   Part of this tradition is to award the highest of honors, the John T. Brownlee Leadership Award, given in acknowledgment of a member’s outstanding contribution for the newly re-named        FloridashACE organization.  To provide a brief but important FloridaACE history lesson,  The John T. Brownlee Leadership Award was established by the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers (formerly known as FCPA) in recognition of John T. Brownlee’s contribution and tireless efforts on behalf of the organization.  In John’s years (1977-1986) of involvement with FloridaACE, he served as a board member and as President.  He brought enormous energy and enthusiasm to the organization and this award serves as an ongoing memorial in recognition of his dedication and commitment.  Those who knew John knew of the high standards he practiced in both his personal and professional life.  He was a son, husband, father, colleague, and friend.  He found the time to be active professionally, socially, and in the community, but always kept family number one. 

This past conference’s recipient Sheila Hood (The University of Tampa), exemplified the above characteristics and more via her day-to-day role at UT and through her behind-the-scenes commitment to FloridaACE.   Sheila has been an active member of FloridaACE since coming to UT nearly 18 years ago.  Over the past 10 years, Sheila has remained active on various conference committees including Awards, Registration and Programs Committees.   Sheila brought a high level of professionalism and attention to detail necessary to complete tasks as the conference neared.   In working with a host of volunteers to pull off a major, nearly 3 day conference, it was comforting to board members knowing that Sheila could be relied on to deliver quality work on time.   Never one to enjoy the spotlight, it seemed fitting that Sheila was not able to attend the past annual conference in Melbourne where she was celebrated as FloridaACE’s most recent recipient of the John T. Brownlee Leadership Award.   While I never had the opportunity to meet John personally, I would venture to guess he would approve of Sheila’s absence from the conference.   Sheila was already off enjoying her much deserved May 2014 retirement in Ashville, NC with her husband- finding the ultimate balance between professional and personal life.   Please join me in sharing our appreciation to Sheila Hood and all past Brownlee Award winners.

A call for nominations for the 2015 Brownlee Leadership Award is coming soon so please strongly consider identifying candidates for the 2015 conference.