Separating Millennial Myths from Reality

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Smedstad-HeadshotShannon Smedstad, employment brand director, Global Communications & Engagement Team, CEB
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As organizations manage employee populations with increasing numbers of retirement-eligible workers, they are investing in hiring the future of the work force. In doing so, most everyone has realized that there’s one group that is particularly important—millennials.

The competition for this demographic is stiff. Although millennials participate in the same number of job interviews as candidates from other generations, they receive 12.5 percent more offers. Organizations are using a variety of tactics to attract and recruit the millennial generation, but how can they sort the millennial myths from reality?

Understanding the millennial generation and their preferences is key. CEB recently researched the ways that millennials undertake a job search and found a few ways that they differ from other generations, and some ways in which they aren’t different at all.

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