“Shoulding” All Over Yourself

Stacy Lanigan, Lynn University

Should …Should you use the word should?????

During my graduate degree one of my counseling classes had a guest speaker who was talking to us about “shoulding all over yourself.” At first I thought I heard it wrong and he said SH***** all over yourself…for those who were not paying attention, they were now! I was intrigued.

How often have I said this?

and….do some of my students think the same?

It was time for a change…”should” became my 4 letter word.

Instead, I began to replace “should” with many new phrases: I would love to, how about, what if and so many more. It is a consistent work in progress, but life is better without “should”

It has been many years since I have used the word “should”. Recently when someone new started in our office, I was reminded how “should” represents “it’s not enough,” disappointment and expectations, and the need to blog about it.

As career counselors, we have the ability to empower our students with a world of possibilities and I am thankful for the opportunity. 

Click anywhere in this post for a video on “a bad case of the shoulds.”

Stacy Lanigan