#TBT…Program Improvement Idea: LinkedIn Picture Day for Students

ace 2ace 1Program Improvement Idea: LinkedIn Picture Day for Students

Anne Meehan, Rollins College

This March during our Rollins Career & Internship Expo, we marketed and offered for attendees to have a  professional photo taken for their LinkedIn  profiles.  In February, we started offering LinkedIn workshops to help Rollins College students and alumni set up their profiles and learn how to utilize LinkedIn, but we thought this photo  opportunity would be a nice addition and marketing tactic.  Students and alumni were already dressed  professionally, and we wanted to help promote LinkedIn as well as provide a professional photo opportunity to improve their profiles.  We hired a student  photographer with the right lighting equipment and backdrop so that students could get their photos taken right after they checked-in for the Expo.  We used a sign-in sheet and had attendees write their name on a white board which they posed with in the first  photo.  The photographer then took several photos without the white board so as to get the best photo possible.  Our staff then cropped the photos to fit LinkedIn’s specifications, and sent them via email to the attendees within a week of Expo.

The LinkedIn professional photo idea was a hit!  Out of the 318 students/alumni and 78 employers who attended Career Expo, 103 students/alumni, 10 employers, and 7 staff had their professional LinkedIn photos taken.  Students, alumni, employers and staff all supported the idea and encouraged us to provide this photo service at other venues throughout the year.

We are now looking to offer this professional photo service at our Etiquette Dinners and may consider other events to promote LinkedIn and having a professional photo online.  Feel free to try this fun professional photo opportunity at your next campus or organizational event!

Connection, Spring 2012 Edition

2015 Annual Conference Closing Keynote Announced!

We are excited to share that our closing keynote speaker for our conference will be motivational speaker and author, Fawn Germer.  She has traveled the world to speak to organizations including but not limited to Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co., Cisco, Novartis, NASA, Boeing, and Motorola.  She also spent some time as a journalist covering higher education so she will be a special treat to have address our conference attendees.

Please read Fawn’s bio below to learn more about her.fcpa

Fawn Germer will reach inside of you and pull out your best self by showing you how to get beyond the self-limiting behaviors that hold so many of us back. She once had a boss tell her that she’d never be more than she was at the time — a reporter — and she sure showed him. Fawn is a four-time, Pulitzer-nominated investigative journalist and the author of seven books including the Oprah pick Hard Won Wisdom.

Fawn interviewed more than 300 of the most accomplished leaders of our times, including everyone from Hillary Clinton to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. She has talked to Olympic athletes, CEOs, prime ministers, presidents, Academy Award winners and many other trailblazers who shared with her the secrets of true success.

From them, she learned that success is born in risk, and power comes from the self-awareness that disables doubt and self-esteem issues.

Her first book was rejected by every major publisher in the United States, but Fawn persevered until it was a bestseller. She wrote 29 letters to Oprah and something broke through, with Oprah holding up Hard Won Wisdom and telling the world how “Very inspiring” Fawn’s work was.

Her newest book, Work-Life Reset, shows how to refocus and re-balance to live a more fulfilling and productive life.

She travels the globe with her message of viability, performance and power. In recent months, she keynoted for Cisco, Pfizer, Hallmark, Deloitte, Kimberly Clark, Xerox, Bayer, AIG, the Network of Executive Women, Harvard, the UCLA Anderson School of Business, the Wharton School of Business and many others.

Fawn is an avid kayaker, cyclist and adventurer who lives in Dunedin, FL with her dog and a few cats who showed up on her porch knowing she is a sucker for a stray.




#TBT…Skype Interviews Added to Florida State University Mock Interviewing Program

Emily Kennelly, Florida State University

The Mock Interview Program at Florida State University marked its 10th Anniversary at the end of the Spring 2012 semester and benchmarked over 3000 mock interviews to FSU students and training over 100 Mock Interview Mentors (MIMs) since its inception in 2002. Over 440 mock interviews were conducted during Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.

Since its inception, Mock Interview Mentors have conducted video recorded face-to-face, phone and panel mock interviews. This year, we enhanced the program by implementing the Mock Skype interview option. Skype is an innovative software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet.  A few additional features include video calling, instant messaging, voice mail, and videoconferencing.

Skype interviewing has become a very cost and time effective tool for recruiters to interview potential candidates for a wide range of positions from any location. Students who participate in Skype mock interviews receive a DVD of their Skype session to assist them in further developing interview skills with this advanced technology. The Skype mock interviews are recorded using Pamela for Skype, a program created specifically to record Skype applications. Students participate in Skype mock interviews on the 3rd floor of the Dunlap Success Center and are greeted afterwards for face-to-face feedback from the trained mock interview mentor.

Mock Skype interviews will allow FSU students to become familiar with this technology and practice their interview skills so that they will be better prepared before they have to do a professional Skype interview. We also created a Skype Interview Tips (pdf) sheet to take away from the experience.

The FSU Career Center also plans to offer the Skype interview option to recruiters who are unable to conduct on-campus mock interviews during our Professional Development Week each semester. The addition of Skype mock interviews this semester was widely accepted by students, staff, and recruiters.

The following comments were collected from a survey of students who participated in Skype mock interviews this Spring semester:

“I found it extremely helpful as I have had no prior experience using Skype for an interview.”

“I liked how realistic the entire thing was.”

“More Skype interviews! Especially for RMPD students because most of the companies we are interviewing for are not based in Tallahassee, or FL.”

Originally published in the Connection, Spring 2012 Edition

Opening Keynote for our 50th Anniversary Conference Announced!

The 2015 FloridaACE Annual Conference will be one to remember!  We are excited to share that we will have Dr. Farouk Dey as our opening keynote speaker for our conference.  It is thrilling to have Farouk, who is considered to one of the most visionary and forward-thinking leaders in career services and recruiting today, address our conference attendees.

Here is a little about Dr. Farouk Dey to get you excited.ace1

Dr. Farouk Dey is a higher education executive with over 15 years of experience in career education, professional development, and talent acquisition. He currently oversees career education at Stanford University, where he is developing and implementing Vision 2020, a reinvented model of career professional development for college students and alumni. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE). Throughout his career, he has served in leadership roles at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Florida, the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), and the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). He has a PhD in Higher Education Administration and a Specialist degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Florida, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and an MBA from Washington State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research interests focus on trends in career education, experiential learning, identity formation, and leadership development in US and global higher education.

Here is a link to one of his recent articles on LinkedIn which discusses the “10 Future Trends in College Career Services” – http://ow.ly/J1Dfz.

Stay tuned for an announcement about our closing speaker.

Best Practice at Lynn University: Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Future Leaders of Tomorrow

The Hannifan Center for Career Connections at Lynn University created the Future Leaders of Tomorrow program which is a spinoff of Boca Chamber’s Leadership Boca. This career preparatory course was recently introduced into Lynn’s January Term course, a mini-term that is all about creative learning through special projects, career based courses, cultural studies, and study abroad.

This pilot program is intended to introduce student leaders to community and corporate leaders throughout the South Florida area. The program includes three career days: Civic and Community, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Day. Over the three days students will meet, tour and learn about 17 Boca Raton businesses and civic organizations. During the course of the January Term Career Preparation class, students will focus on their professional development through resume and cover letter building, behavioral assessments, mock interviews, LinkedIn seminars and tips on dressing for success.

What makes this program so unique are the connections made between students and executive level business professionals. Students are able to meet and converse with Presidents, CEO, Directors, VP’s and Human Resource Directors, that they would not be able to speak with on a regular basis. By exposing students to this opportunity, it has given our Future Leaders the chance to network with potential employers and possibly create relationships with prospective mentors. Some speakers include Dr. Robert Levy, Neurosurgeon and Director of Marcus Neuroscience Institute, Richard Pollock, President & CEO of YMCA, South Palm Beach County, Richard Hayduk, President of Boca Resort and Club, Carlos Morgan, Senior Corporate Recruiting Manager of Office Depot and Bob Buruchian, Founder and President of Playimage.

With the program still in session, the success of the program has yet to be determined. However, students are already receiving wonderful opportunities. One student in particular was given an opportunity to obtain an internship at a world-renowned resort to teach employees how to speak the English language after expressing her interests in teaching overseas to the General Manager. Success stories like these are the reason why the Career Connections Center implemented this program into the university.

Constantly staying true to our name, the Career “Connections” Center, we find that one of the most important aspects of one’s professional development is creating connections and cultivating relationships. In speaking with professionals in leadership positions, they all make it clear to our students that by creating relationships you are able to set yourself up for your professional success as well as to open doors for opportunities that could be life changing.

Anne Marie Van Casteren

#TBT, Let’s Go Back to Summer 2006, when Dee Dee Gatch was President

Our 41st annual FCPA conference was enjoyed by over 130 of our members. This was a great opportunity to come together for learning and networking in a beautiful and historic setting. A great time was had by the record number of people attending the nighttime volleyball competition. Glow in the dark t-shirts were provided to all players and everyone enjoyed painting their bodies with the glow in the dark paint. Our employer members were narrowly defeated by our school members.