Best Practice at Lynn University: Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Future Leaders of Tomorrow

The Hannifan Center for Career Connections at Lynn University created the Future Leaders of Tomorrow program which is a spinoff of Boca Chamber’s Leadership Boca. This career preparatory course was recently introduced into Lynn’s January Term course, a mini-term that is all about creative learning through special projects, career based courses, cultural studies, and study abroad.

This pilot program is intended to introduce student leaders to community and corporate leaders throughout the South Florida area. The program includes three career days: Civic and Community, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Day. Over the three days students will meet, tour and learn about 17 Boca Raton businesses and civic organizations. During the course of the January Term Career Preparation class, students will focus on their professional development through resume and cover letter building, behavioral assessments, mock interviews, LinkedIn seminars and tips on dressing for success.

What makes this program so unique are the connections made between students and executive level business professionals. Students are able to meet and converse with Presidents, CEO, Directors, VP’s and Human Resource Directors, that they would not be able to speak with on a regular basis. By exposing students to this opportunity, it has given our Future Leaders the chance to network with potential employers and possibly create relationships with prospective mentors. Some speakers include Dr. Robert Levy, Neurosurgeon and Director of Marcus Neuroscience Institute, Richard Pollock, President & CEO of YMCA, South Palm Beach County, Richard Hayduk, President of Boca Resort and Club, Carlos Morgan, Senior Corporate Recruiting Manager of Office Depot and Bob Buruchian, Founder and President of Playimage.

With the program still in session, the success of the program has yet to be determined. However, students are already receiving wonderful opportunities. One student in particular was given an opportunity to obtain an internship at a world-renowned resort to teach employees how to speak the English language after expressing her interests in teaching overseas to the General Manager. Success stories like these are the reason why the Career Connections Center implemented this program into the university.

Constantly staying true to our name, the Career “Connections” Center, we find that one of the most important aspects of one’s professional development is creating connections and cultivating relationships. In speaking with professionals in leadership positions, they all make it clear to our students that by creating relationships you are able to set yourself up for your professional success as well as to open doors for opportunities that could be life changing.

Anne Marie Van Casteren