#TBT…Skype Interviews Added to Florida State University Mock Interviewing Program

Emily Kennelly, Florida State University

The Mock Interview Program at Florida State University marked its 10th Anniversary at the end of the Spring 2012 semester and benchmarked over 3000 mock interviews to FSU students and training over 100 Mock Interview Mentors (MIMs) since its inception in 2002. Over 440 mock interviews were conducted during Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.

Since its inception, Mock Interview Mentors have conducted video recorded face-to-face, phone and panel mock interviews. This year, we enhanced the program by implementing the Mock Skype interview option. Skype is an innovative software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet.  A few additional features include video calling, instant messaging, voice mail, and videoconferencing.

Skype interviewing has become a very cost and time effective tool for recruiters to interview potential candidates for a wide range of positions from any location. Students who participate in Skype mock interviews receive a DVD of their Skype session to assist them in further developing interview skills with this advanced technology. The Skype mock interviews are recorded using Pamela for Skype, a program created specifically to record Skype applications. Students participate in Skype mock interviews on the 3rd floor of the Dunlap Success Center and are greeted afterwards for face-to-face feedback from the trained mock interview mentor.

Mock Skype interviews will allow FSU students to become familiar with this technology and practice their interview skills so that they will be better prepared before they have to do a professional Skype interview. We also created a Skype Interview Tips (pdf) sheet to take away from the experience.

The FSU Career Center also plans to offer the Skype interview option to recruiters who are unable to conduct on-campus mock interviews during our Professional Development Week each semester. The addition of Skype mock interviews this semester was widely accepted by students, staff, and recruiters.

The following comments were collected from a survey of students who participated in Skype mock interviews this Spring semester:

“I found it extremely helpful as I have had no prior experience using Skype for an interview.”

“I liked how realistic the entire thing was.”

“More Skype interviews! Especially for RMPD students because most of the companies we are interviewing for are not based in Tallahassee, or FL.”

Originally published in the Connection, Spring 2012 Edition