#TBT…Program Improvement Idea: LinkedIn Picture Day for Students

ace 2ace 1Program Improvement Idea: LinkedIn Picture Day for Students

Anne Meehan, Rollins College

This March during our Rollins Career & Internship Expo, we marketed and offered for attendees to have a  professional photo taken for their LinkedIn  profiles.  In February, we started offering LinkedIn workshops to help Rollins College students and alumni set up their profiles and learn how to utilize LinkedIn, but we thought this photo  opportunity would be a nice addition and marketing tactic.  Students and alumni were already dressed  professionally, and we wanted to help promote LinkedIn as well as provide a professional photo opportunity to improve their profiles.  We hired a student  photographer with the right lighting equipment and backdrop so that students could get their photos taken right after they checked-in for the Expo.  We used a sign-in sheet and had attendees write their name on a white board which they posed with in the first  photo.  The photographer then took several photos without the white board so as to get the best photo possible.  Our staff then cropped the photos to fit LinkedIn’s specifications, and sent them via email to the attendees within a week of Expo.

The LinkedIn professional photo idea was a hit!  Out of the 318 students/alumni and 78 employers who attended Career Expo, 103 students/alumni, 10 employers, and 7 staff had their professional LinkedIn photos taken.  Students, alumni, employers and staff all supported the idea and encouraged us to provide this photo service at other venues throughout the year.

We are now looking to offer this professional photo service at our Etiquette Dinners and may consider other events to promote LinkedIn and having a professional photo online.  Feel free to try this fun professional photo opportunity at your next campus or organizational event!

Connection, Spring 2012 Edition