#TBT…Dining Out Corporate Style

The annual Dining Out Corporate Style (DOCS) 2012 for Valencia‘s East Campus ace Student Life Skills (SLS) class was a huge success. The program is in it’s tenth year.
Students in two of Dr. Nix’s SLS classes participated in four in-class career preparation seminars and business/social etiquette, and a Latin cuisine employer networking brunch. The seminars, coached by Vertrilla Hunt, Internship and Workforce Services and Enid Rosa, Career Development, directed students through building a “World of Work” pyramid. The seminars also coached students in business and dining etiquette. The students understood that it is not about “what is the correct fork to use,” but about the decision making skills portrayed during a business dining experience. In the seminars, the students developed and presented a networking/elevator speech as well as created a resume and thank you letter.

We reassessed this learning outcome at the Employer Networking Brunch, where 42 students were  observed networking with 18+ employers at their tables; attention was given to their dining etiquette and professional dress.  The students were also graded on their resumes. The students and employers engaged in open table discussion on topics ranging from the type of answers employers look for during the interview process, social networking and the advantages and disadvantages associated with hiring and maintain employees, to the importance of completing an internship as a stepping stone when   considering the internship experience as a selling point for hiring.

We were elated to learn that a third of the students reported that employers had asked for their resumes for future internship opportunities. What’s more, three employers so far have requested to post internship opportunities with Valencia.

Connection, Spring 2012 Edition