#TBT…Next Generation Aviation Career Expo at Broward College, South Campus in Pembroke Pines

aceby Ian Ferguson, Career Advisor, Broward College – South Campus

On July 11, 2012, the Career Center at Broward College’s south campus hosted a unique and successful career fair in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA approached Broward College’s Aviation Institute this past spring with an idea to explore recruitment and career opportunities for aviation students, and this proposed partnership became the nexus for the Next Generation Aviation Career Expo.  The Aviation department enlisted the assistance of Adam DeRosa, the South Campus Career Center Coordinator, who suggested ways to expand the project into the full-scale career fair.  After an initial conference, we scheduled biweekly meetings with key Broward College staff and FAA officials, and the expanded project quickly took shape.

With the assistance of Broward College Job Developer Autumn Whitfield, we began the process of reaching out to various industry-related corporations and federal agencies, taking the initially smaller-scaled symposium and turning it into the multi-corporate Next Generation Career Expo, with a participant list that eventually included Spirit Airlines, Gulfstream, the Transportation Safety Administration, and many more.

Additionally, we enlisted the participation of the major Broward College education departments and organizations from all four campuses, many of which were represented at individual tables at the event.  This enabled Broward College to have its own significant presence at the Expo, taking advantage of a marketing plan that included present, prospective and ace1alumni students as well as the general public.  The Expo culminated with an informative and extremely well-received panel discussion / Q&A session with Federal Aviation Administration officials, leading all involved to look forward to similar events at Broward College in the future.