Packing, Prepping, and Primping: Getting Ready for #FloridaACE15!

Tara Stevenson, Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

Whether you pack within the hour of traveling or a few nights before the conference, the question of “What Do I Bring???” always strikes fear in conference goers.  Will my dress make me stand out in the worst way?  Do I really need this tie?  Can’t I just come in my swimsuit…it’s Florida after all!  To alleviate some of those stresses and ensure you start to get those excited juices flowing, here are a few items to stuff in those bags:

1. Slacks and Shirts – Attire is completely business casual for the conference.  Sport your school pride with your office polo or professional dress/skirt/top combo while we enjoy the near 100 degree weather this coming week.

2. Sweater/Ski Jacket/Mink Coat/Animal Rug – We all know they keep us awake and engaged in those rooms through the temperature.  It might be a scorcher outside, but usually conference breakout session rooms are set to a chillier temperature.  Whatever keeps you comfortable, layer it on.

3. Coin Collector’s Book – As we celebrate our 50th AnniversaryIMG_1056 at the Golden Gala Banquet on Thursday night, you will have the opportunity to trolley through St. Augustine, look through scrapbooks of previous conferences, test your palate with delicious food, and dance the night away in the Flagler College Dining Hall.  One of the newest additions to the Dining Hall is a Penny Pincher for your coin collection!  And you thought you would walk away with no souvenirs…

4. Disposable Camera – Technology makes it to where we only take “perfect” pictures and see the results instantly.  Why not grab a disposable camera (they should still be available somewhere out there!), snap away throughout the conference, and relive the memories when you develop the pictures later?  Always a good laugh and it keeps the fun going past the conference.

5. Sweat band – We already established it’s gonna be a hot one this week, but what better way to get the blood pumping than with a 5K Fun Walk/Run around the hotel?  Sign up will be at registration.  FYI…timers will be checked at the starting line.  It’s a FUN run for all, remember?!

6. Hmm…. – There’s definitely more we forgot, I’m sure of it!  Check your email from our Information Manager about more specifics to pack and keep your social media handles at the ready!  Contests and online networking will be plentiful, either through the Conference App, Twitter Contest and/or the LinkedIn Group.

We look forward to seeing everyone in St. Augustine in just a few days.  Travel safe no matter how far or near you come from!