Formative Assessment at FAU

Ceci Rivas-Gonzalez, FloridaACE Communication & Media Committee

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At Florida Atlantic University Melanie Adams, Career Counselor, and Jennifer Blythe, Director for Internships and Co-ops have recently started using formative assessment in the Career Development Center’s one credit Career and Life Planning course.

Formative assessment is used as a way to monitor and evaluate the level of student comprehension of course material in the classroom. Many instructors are finding that formative assessment is making their classrooms much more effective because one doesn’t have to wait for an exam or assignment to see how well students are learning the material.

The formative assessment tool that Melanie and Jennifer implemented was through the use of a Baseline product called the Student Response System. Melanie was able to measure each student’s understanding of the course material in “real time” by asking them non-graded questions about the topics that were covered in class. Students responded each question using smart technology and depending on how they answered, Melanie was able to determine the most appropriate method of intervention.

Melanie and Jennifer were recently featured in the National Career Development Center Association’s Career Convergence Web Magazine for their work using formative assessments as an early intervention tool in academic classrooms.  To read the full article, please visit: NCDA’s Career Convergence Web Magazine

How to Answer 15 of the Most Popular Interview Questions

Campus To Career

15-bEven if the prospect of a job interview makes you nervous, with a little preparation you’ll be ready to face even the most meticulous recruiters out there. Instead of guessing what kind of questions you might be asked, here’s a list of 15 most common job interview questions along with some easy tips on how to respond to each one of them.

Tell me about yourself.

This is a tricky classic. Remember that the recruiter already read your resume – say something different. Offer a short pitch of yourself and express what you’re really after when it comes to your career.

Discuss your educational background.

Again, you’ve got this covered in your CV, so say something different – mention specifics: what you’ve learned, what projects you worked on and how is it all relevant to the position.

How did you hear about the position?

This is your time to shine –…

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2015 FloridaACE Annual Conference Executive Summary

Kelvin Rutledge, Evaluation Committee Chair

The 2015 Florida ACE Annual Conference marked the 50th anniversary of the association’s history and developed a conference experience committed to the field of career development, employer relations, and the future of career services. The conference evaluation is designed to give attendees the opportunity to provide insight and feedback to their experience in addition to provide suggestions to improve the 2016 annual conference. Thus, the purpose of the following report is to illustrate the survey results for the conference and to be utilized as an objective marker to help plan, enhance, and maximize future conference experiences.

The conference evaluation survey consisted of 18 questions where participants were given the opportunity to rate the overall conference, programming, and events, and provide feedback on what they found to be most and least useful and/or effective. A rating Untitledscale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, and N/A were used in conjunction with open-ended questions for comments and suggestions. Overall, over 90% of conference attendees who participated in the survey described the conference as “very good” or “excellent.” Additionally, the publicity and promotions, conference programming, and conference location were well received by conference attendees. Continue reading

Board Recap: Getting Spicy in Miami

Tara Stevenson, Florida Association of College and Employers

IMG_0830Swank.  It was the first and only word repeating in my head as I looked around the beautiful Miami Biscayne Bay Marriott lobby while checking in for our Fall Board Meeting last week.  I then ventured up to my room and stepped out onto my 25th floor balcony and watched the world go by, through South Beach on my left and Downtown Miami on my right.  Not a bad way to end the month of July, right?  The next day, I purposely sat facing the water during our Board Meeting, not to get distracted, but to fully appreciate the breathtaking views others would soon be seeing for our next conference in 2016. Continue reading