Board Recap: Getting Spicy in Miami

Tara Stevenson, Florida Association of College and Employers

IMG_0830Swank.  It was the first and only word repeating in my head as I looked around the beautiful Miami Biscayne Bay Marriott lobby while checking in for our Fall Board Meeting last week.  I then ventured up to my room and stepped out onto my 25th floor balcony and watched the world go by, through South Beach on my left and Downtown Miami on my right.  Not a bad way to end the month of July, right?  The next day, I purposely sat facing the water during our Board Meeting, not to get distracted, but to fully appreciate the breathtaking views others would soon be seeing for our next conference in 2016.

It’s always a pleasure gathering the Board together throughout the year.  I get pumped to dive into our next projects for the Association, but it also provides another avenue to catch up with colleagues in our industry and hear updates.  Mostly, I look forward to what the new year holds and how I personally can be involved with existing programs, but also molding new ideas into fruition.  During our meeting, we toured more of the hotel, identifying ways to make YOUR conference experience better and enjoyable.  In addition to future conference planning, here are a few other things to keep an eye out for:

  • Keep an eye out for our Conference Spotlight Winner offering the highest rated session through a webinar.  More on the winner in future blogs!
  • Update your FloridaACE MemberClicks profile.  Connect with other professionals and ensure your information is up-to-date.
  • Maximize your Career Fair exposure!  Send any Career Fair dates to the Information Manager Director at to post them to the FloridaACE Career Fairs webpage.
  • Consider following or joining other associations we collaborate with.  These include NACE, SoACE, FCC, CCFCC, ICUF, and the Community/State College/Technical School Consortium.  Others you recommend?  Please share below!
  • Still looking for ways to connect and share? Link up with one another through the FloridaACE Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.
  • Much discussion centered around conference themes, new formats for idea sharing, and interactive workshops.  We’re working hard to make sure these next 50 years are the best!

Blog postings will continue throughout the Fall semester.  Hopefully, we can all block some time off during our crazy, chaotic schedules to read up on what our Association is up to and share in the successes, ups and downs, and struggles with one another.  If we can’t rely on each other, what else do we have?!

Best of luck with the new semester, everyone!