Formative Assessment at FAU

Ceci Rivas-Gonzalez, FloridaACE Communication & Media Committee

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At Florida Atlantic University Melanie Adams, Career Counselor, and Jennifer Blythe, Director for Internships and Co-ops have recently started using formative assessment in the Career Development Center’s one credit Career and Life Planning course.

Formative assessment is used as a way to monitor and evaluate the level of student comprehension of course material in the classroom. Many instructors are finding that formative assessment is making their classrooms much more effective because one doesn’t have to wait for an exam or assignment to see how well students are learning the material.

The formative assessment tool that Melanie and Jennifer implemented was through the use of a Baseline product called the Student Response System. Melanie was able to measure each student’s understanding of the course material in “real time” by asking them non-graded questions about the topics that were covered in class. Students responded each question using smart technology and depending on how they answered, Melanie was able to determine the most appropriate method of intervention.

Melanie and Jennifer were recently featured in the National Career Development Center Association’s Career Convergence Web Magazine for their work using formative assessments as an early intervention tool in academic classrooms.  To read the full article, please visit: NCDA’s Career Convergence Web Magazine

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  1. Ceci thank you for a comprehensive review of what looks like a great assessment. It appears Melanie has created a program that not only yields great results but benefits the students at large. There is nothing better than that! Bravo!
    -Stacy Lanigan


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