How Did I End Up Here?

Anne Marie Van Casteren, Coordinator for Programing and Student Engagement, Lynn University

stacyNever in a million years did I think that I would be working in Career Services. Beginning my senior year of college, I made the difficult decision to end my softball career in order to concentrate on my studies, majoring in Multimedia Journalism and minoring in Public Relations, and ultimately do what I had gone to college to do; find a job. Through working with the Office of Admission, participating in organizations on campus and putting full effort into my position as Managing Editor for the school newspaper, I began to network with faculty, staff and the Lynn Community. Through that, I met my mentor (and now supervisor) Barbara Cambia. Barbara was a shark in the corporate world brought into the University to fundraise for the Presidential Debate hosted here in October 2012. As soon as I met Barbara, I knew I had to keep myself around her. I visited her office every single day just to say hello or to pick her brain about my future and how to go about finding a career, whatever it may have been at that time. With her huge network of connections, Barbara had set me up with The Buzz Agency, a boutique Public Relations firm where I was hired as Public Relations Assistant. In time, I grew to love the field of Public Relations and knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. However, Barbara had different plans for me.

As graduation approached, Barbara kept dropping hints about a great position that would be available for me upon graduation but she couldn’t exactly tell me what it was just yet. Being that she was the Director of Corporate Relations at Lynn, my excited mind kept coming up with different positions that it could possibly be. Boy, was I wrong. Barbara was appointed the new Executive Director of the Hannifan Center for Career Connections and brought me on as the Coordinator for Programming and Student Engagement. Even though this position is housed in a Career Center, my job responsibilities encompass that of a Public Relations position. My duties include running all social media platforms, coordinating all on campus events such as job fairs and professional development programs, engaging the student body via social media, in person and through numerous marketing materials, and acting as the Marketing liaison for the department. Even though I had envisioned my career out of college to be in the corporate world as Public Relations Specialist, I would not give up this opportunity to work in the place that I am now today.