How do you sign-off?


Recently our office was discussing email sign-off’s  and they all seem so “blah”. In the end there was not one sign-off we liked. So I went back to my standard, regards, best regards, best and the so on. Boring!

Well today the Muse published an article on this exact subject Why your Email Sign-off Matters More Thank You Think

I was hoping for insight, something different and new. I read the article and realized that the good old standard is still  “standard”.

I started to think about the email’s I get. Do I even read the signature sign-off?  I will now! Maybe in the process I will find something that strikes a chord and will bring me satisfaction.






Best Regards,

Kind Regards,

Best Wishes,

Take Care, (ohhh I only use this when I don’t want a response and hope they hear my tone)

Thanks, Thank You, Peace Out (my favorite :))

Stacy Lanigan