FAU is up to (no) “Good”

Thomas DeMaio, FAU Career Consultant

FAU Career Center’s Professional Clothes Closet

In today’s economy nearly 15 percent of recent college graduates are underemployed, and roughly 7.2 percent are unemployed. In order to improve these statistics, it is important that colleges and universities come up with innovative ideas to lower post graduate unemployment and under employment. Students who earn real-life job experience in college are exponentially more likely to obtain meaningful employment after graduation. Almost all higher education institutions have a career center that offers students basic services such as databases of potential jobs and on-campus Career Fairs, but there is more than can be done to prepare students professionally for the world of work.

Florida Atlantic University is determined to go above and beyond in providing students with the essentials necessary for achieving professional success after graduation and is doing so by launching its inaugural OWL Professional Clothes Closet! The OWL Professional Clothes Closet is a program hosted by the FAU Career Center that is devoted to providing professional attire to students. This professional attire will can be used for interviews, career fairs, and networking events.  Besides giving students the a competitive edge and making great first impressions, the professional attire also gives students a confidence boost that results in higher self-efficacy during their job search process. Any student, regardless of socioeconomic background, is given the opportunity to participate in the OWL Professional Clothes Closet program.

The OWL Professional Clothes Closet is comprised of gently used clothing (including ties, jackets, blouses, shoes, etc.) that has been donated to the FAU Career Center by faculty and staff members, students, career center partners, and professionals within the community.       The FAU Career Center made the process of giving students the professional clothes simple and beneficial to their job search process. The four requirements set in place for students to earn professional attire are: 1) Be a current FAU student; 2) Meet with a career consultant to have the resume reviewed with a final score of at least 36 out of 40 on the FAU Career Center resume rubric; 3) Complete an Owl CareerLink profile and upload critiqued resume; and 4) Meet with a career consultant/counselor to conduct a mock interview with a final score of at least 3 out of 4 on the mock interview evaluation form. The four step process allows for students to maximize their professional potential in preparation for upcoming interviews and career fairs. By empowering participants to achieve success after graduation, the FAU Career Center continues to build off of its already impressive post-graduation job rate, always looking to raise the bar and improve our graduates’ chances of succeeding in today’s ever-competitive job market.