5 Awesome Career Lessons from David Bowie

Campus To Career


One of the lessons I learned from ‘American Idol”, is that you can’t magically sing just because you want to be a rock star. That’s a life lesson.

Music is also a good metaphor for career choices, and a whole lot of interesting lessons can be learned for the rock scene. With the recent passing of David Bowie, it had me thinking about what we could all learn from his career.

  1. Create Your Own Brand

Be you a celebrity or not, nothing is quite as valuable as your own brand. You need to stand out and make a difference. That means creating a brand for yourself and being clear on what this brand represent.

This doesn’t mean doing a world tour (though if you could get away with that, go for it, because it would be awesome) but it can establishing yourself as a unique personality with specific skills…

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