Tribulations of a lost phone

Barbara Cambia, Executive Director Hannifan Center for Career Connections                    – Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL 

Calling off the search was difficult.  You had become an extension of me. We were always together.  No matter what I was doing you were there for me from the time I awoke until the time I laid my head to rest.  Over the three days when you went missing I would go to reach for you but you were not there and each time a feeling of panicked fright would set in, a feeling of helplessness.

I had become dependent on you; answering my every question, preparing me for the day and connecting me to the world.  I would look around the room and everyone had a you. Everyone busy looking down and connecting and I was just sitting there no one to talk to no one to connect with.  There was a gaping hole, a pit in my stomach, what was I going to do.  I looked for you high and low, a feeling of desperation set in, a desperation that caused me to question everyone around me “Could their you be mine?”  Could this be a case of identity fraud?  Surely you wouldn’t leave me like this, I know you would find your way back home to me.  I felt so alone and isolated, unable to connect with the world around me.

After three days the search and rescue team suggested to me that I call off the search, that is was over, that you would not be coming back to me.  It was agonizing but I did it. I had to let you go.