Make it Memorable

Stacy Lanigan, Sr. Career Coach, Lynn University 

So, a few months ago a I pondered the question of email sign-offs. They are so traditional and well, so boring, ” I don’t want to be boring”.  So I began my journey to find “my” new sign-off. I never thought I would learn something in the process, but I did.

  1. I read completely now, no skimming, the entire email. I will admit in the past I would look for key points and ignore the rest. This has changed since my search. I am sad to say I probably missed many things over the years. And I apologize to those who I asked questions to when the answer was in the email.
  2. I would savor each and every word of an email knowing that I would possibly find something new and interesting in an email ending sign-off. I was hyper focused and sometimes forgetting that my original plan was to find that email ending.

I leaned that taking more time reading emails saves time in the long run. Slow down and make it memorable.

So last week at the NACE conference in Chicago I was witness to a shift that is happening in Higher Ed and the Limitless Possibilities.

Dustin Garis,  Founder & Chief Troublemaker of LifeProfit motivated and inspired me to think outside the box and is the reason I can comfortably sign-off in my emails with “Make it Memorable” So simple and so me. ” I have so many LifeProfit moments from NACE and can’t wait to participate in my future as well as yours.

The memorable moments and connections I made before, during and after the conference will be both professional and personal. After all, life is about making memories while building and fostering relationships.

Make it Memorable,

Nace florida ace

Below is my original blog post.

Recently our office was discussing email sign-off’s  and they all seem so “blah”. In the end there was not one sign-off we liked. So I went back to my standard, regards, best regards, best and the so on. Boring!

Well today the Muse published an article on this exact subject Why your Email Sign-off Matters More Thank You Think

I was hoping for insight, something different and new. I read the article and realized that the good old standard is still  “standard”.

I started to think about the email’s I get. Do I even read the signature sign-off?  I will now! Maybe in the process I will find something that strikes a chord and will bring me satisfaction.





Best Regards,

Kind Regards,

Best Wishes,

Take Care, (ohhh I only use this when I don’t want a response and hope they hear my tone)

Thanks, Thank You, Peace Out (my favorite :))

Stacy Lanigan