2016 New Member Award – Kelvin Rutledge

Megan Hollis, Senior Assistant Director, Experiential Learning – FSU

Kelvin has been an active member of FloridaACE since he joined in 2014. After graduating with his Master’s degree in Higher Education and starting as a professional Kelvinstaff member at Florida State University, he jumped in ready to contribute by presenting at the annual conference in 2015 and 2016. He also stepped up to chair the Evaluations Committee for two years in a row, using his extensive skill and passion for research and evaluation.

In his role at Florida State University, Kelvin coordinates our Mock Interview Program, offering 500+ face-to-face, phone, skype, and panel interviews to undergraduate and graduate students each semester, and trains and supervises 10+ Mock Interview Mentors to make this happen. He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.

Kelvin is passionate about career services and creating dialogue among peers to further advance the field and bring people together. These characteristics and actions are what we hope for in new members, and give us confidence for the future of our profession!

Kelvin joins the ranks of our past New Members of the Year, including Stacy Lanigan (2015), Tara Stevenson (2014), Valerie Kielmovitch (2013), and John Sheehy (2012).