2017 FloridaACE Annual Conference Evaluation Report

Written by: Arin Baynard & Ommy Pearson, Evaluation Committee

Arin Baynard


The conference evaluation is designed to give attendees the opportunity to provide insight and feedback of their experience in addition to provide suggestions to improve the 2018 annual conference. Thus, the purpose of the following report is to illustrate the survey results for the conference and to help plan, enhance, and maximize future conference experiences.

The following summary illustrates the survey results for the 2017 conference. The survey consisted of 17 questions where participants were given the opportunity to rate the overall conference, programming, and events, and provide feedback on what they found to be most and least useful/ effective.  A rating scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, and N/A was used, along with open-ended questions for comments and suggestions. The survey received 72 total responses yielding a 48% response rate. After a review of the 2017 FloridaACE Annual Conference evaluation survey, the majority of attendees (77.78%) who participated described the overall event as “very good” and “excellent.”

According to the rating scale, the overall event received a rating of 4.15 on a 5.0 scale. Additionally, the registration process, FloridaACE website and listserv updates, and conference programming were all well received by conference attendees receiving ratings above 4.0 on a 5.0 scale.

For programming, based on number of respondents ranking the session as “Excellent”, the top rated breakout sessions were:

  • “Who Before Do: How to Help Students Find Better Jobs by Finding Themselves” – 27 (50.94%)
  • “How to Promote Social/Emotional Intelligence in Students for Academic/Career Success” – 16 (39.02%)
  • “Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Approaches to Your Employer & Advising Events” – 12 (28.75%)
  • “Development & Administration of a Career Clothing Closet” – 9 (25.00%)

Additionally, the majority of respondents (71.43%) rated the Roundtable Sessions as “very good” or “excellent”, with the highest rated roundtable being “The Millennial Way: Millennials in the Workplace” ranked as “excellent” by 14 participants. Participants commented that they enjoyed the roundtable sessions being offered on the first day of the conference. Likewise, the opening and closing keynote speakers were both rated as “very good” or “excellent” by the majority of respondents.  Suggestions included creating a more robust and interactive employer panel if this format is used for future opening keynote sessions and having a less interactive closing session.  Additionally, respondents commented on an increased need for program offerings aimed at experienced professionals and those in an employer relations or recruiter role.

Special events, meals, and receptions with the highest rating were:

  • Enterprise Closing Banquet (4.57/5.0)
  • Enterprise After Party (4.50/5.0)
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception (4.32/5.0)

Suggestions included offering food options for those who are vegetarians or have food restrictions such as gluten allergies.

In general, participants commented that they enjoyed networking with their peers.  Overall suggestions included providing hotel accommodations that are less remote and better designed for networking. The FloridaACE Board of Directors and Conference Committee members will review the feedback collected to effectively plan future conference events and programming.