Recap of Board Meeting and Goals

Megan Hollis, Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

Can anyone else believe that we are already halfway through October? Where does the time go?download

Your FloridaACE board has been working hard to accomplish the goals that we set over the summer. As a reminder, here are the goals we established –

  1. Explore and propose changes to FloridaACE membership rates and fiscal year
  2. Review FloridaACE Board position selection process and modify select positions to be open to nomination and/or election by the entire FloridaACE membership
  3. Update the MemberClicks platform
  4. Explore hosting a virtual state-wide career fair
  5. Increase webinar offerings throughout the year
  6. Enhance student participation in FloridaACE


Goal #1 has been a research project for Michele Groves, your FloridaACE Treasurer. Upon examining the financial ramifications with our Accountant and consulting previous board members about the reasoning for the set-up of the current fiscal year, the second part of that goal has been tabled until next year. We are continuing to examine the current membership rates to create a more equal pricing structure between our membership types.

Goal #2 is currently being led by your FloridaACE Past-President, Alicia Smyth. The FloridaACE Board has always served as the selection committee for new board members (as written in our Constitution). The way to join the board has been to demonstrate your interest through committee service and involvement in FloridaACE. To open the playing field more to all members, we are looking at creating a nomination and election process for representative board positions.

Goal #3 has been tirelessly pushed forward by Tara Stevenson, your FloridaACE Information Management Director. She is the genius behind the FloridaACE website and anything to do with your online FloridaACE experience. I’m excited to see the changes our system upgrade will bring!

Goal #4 is still in progress. There is an increase in the number of virtual career fairs being offered and FloridaACE is striving to offer new and innovative services to our member institutions and employers. If you have a passion for this, please let us know! We would love to use your talents here.

Goal #5 has started strong! Our dynamic duo of Employer Members, Teri-Anne Brennan of Enterprise Holdings and Dannon Monroe of American Traveler, coordinated our first ever webinar just for employers in early August. With the noted increase of schools in Florida switching to Handshake, they worked with the Handshake team to offer an employer training webinar on this new system.

Goal #6 is the brain-child of our Membership Development Director, Stacy Lanigan, and State University Member, Bill Blank (also our two most recent President’s Award winners!). The work done by career services offices is vital to college student development and our employer partners, but how do we ensure the future of our field? Get students involved early! We have always offered Graduate Students reduced membership rates and conference rates for the FloridaACE Annual Conference. We recently expanded that offering to our Drive-In Conference! For only $20, Graduate Student members can take advantage of this fun learning and networking opportunity.


We are making progress! As always, your input and talents are appreciated and welcomed. If you see a goal that speaks to you, feel free to contact me or the board member currently leading that charge. We would love to get you involved!