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The 2017 Drive-In Conference on November 3rd is a time for making connections and networking with Florida ACE members.  Register now so that you can connect with new people and meet up with old acquaintances.

We are excited about Florida State University hosting the event this year at their new career center in Tallahassee!  Tours of the facility will be offered during the lunch break and we will hear from FSU staff about implementing industry best practices and the many innovative career readiness initiatives at the university.  If you attended last year’s Drive-In at UCF, then you know how much information Florida ACE packs into the sessions and discussions.

We encourage member schools and employers to reach out to other colleges and businesses in your area to promote this must attend event. It is a great way to introduce the resources of Florida ACE to new people in the field.  Registration is limited to the first ninety people who sign up!

FloridaACE Drive-In Conference Registration

“Urgent! You Need to Show Your Work!”

Ben HeinsBen Heins – Coordinator, Internships and Service Learning – USF Sarasota-Manatee

Early in my time at USF Sarasota-Manatee’s Career Services, it was revealed that I studied, read, and wrote poetry fairly extensively ever since I was in my early twenties. My then-supervisor bought me a very thoughtful gift soon thereafter: a book that grounded many work-related philosophies I held and taught me several new ones that I practice every day. Unbeknownst to her, that book – Show Your Work by Austin Kleon – was written by a poet who taught me the craft of erasure, one of my favorite poetic styles. It was one of life’s full-circle moments that made a deep impact on me as a professional and as a person.

In Kleon’s book – a follow-up to his bestselling Steal Like an Artist – the goal is to work in 10 new “ways of operating” to more effectively tell your story. When applied to the work we do as practitioners of career services, Kleon’s suggestions help prioritize and publicize data collecting, which in turn amplifies our narrative without losing the human, collaborative element. In each of the 10 sections, he keeps the language approachable and easy to internalize. Let’s check out the chapters:

  1. You Don’t Have to Be a Genius
  2. Think Process, Not Product
  3. Share Something Small Every Day
  4. Open up Your Cabinet of Curiosities
  5. Tell Good Stories
  6. Teach What You Know
  7. Don’t Turn into Human Spam
  8. Learn to Take a Punch
  9. Sell Out
  10. Stick Around

Each of these 10 parts have excellent, pertinent strategies we all can use. Little nuggets abound – some more relevant than others, depending on what speaks to you. For example, every day, I still seek touch points with my “scenius” – a scene of like-minded individuals whose collective of ideas is greater than any single member’s; an “ecology of talent,” as Kleon puts it, that is critical to forward movement. I take time every day to give credit where credit is due because it leads to stronger relationships and new, fruitful connections. At a low cost, these lessons and many more are available now and can help elevate the quality of our work to a new level.

Alternatively, email me, and I’ll gladly mail you my copy to borrow. (heins@sar.usf.edu)


Carmen Ellis and her first-timers takeaway! #FloridaACE17

Carmen Carter, M.S. – Assistant Director for On Campus Recruitment – Career and Talent Development – FIU


FloridaAce was such a wonderful conference, as a career service professional it is always invigorating listening to other institutions and learning about the programs and initiatives that they’re implementing to help students. I received so many takeaways and cool ideas that I plan on using at Florida International University. I valued meeting colleagues from other institutions as well as hearing from employers/ recruiters on ways we can work better together.

Congratulations to the 2017 John T. Brownlee Leadership Award Recipient, John Sheehy

Alicia Smyth, 2017-18 Past President, Florida Association of Colleges & Employers

Brownlee Award Recipient, John Sheehy, with two of his three nominators, Erin Minta and Sandi Ohman

The Florida Association of Colleges & Employers is proud to announce that this year’s John T. Brownlee Leadership Award recipient is John Sheehy. John has been a Career Development Coordinator and Student Success Coach at Stetson University, working with business students, for over 11 years. John has been a member of FloridaACE since 2010 and immediately began serving as co-chair of the Conference Registration Committee. Additionally, he has served in leadership roles over the years for the On-site Logistics Committee and President’s Council. John’s enthusiasm for service also earned him the New Member Award in 2012.

It was John’s efforts in his role as Chair of the Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium (CCFCC) that helped him to stand out as a leader within FloridaACE. For instance, John came up with the idea to develop a registration reimbursement program to incentivize CCFCC members to submit program proposals to present at the FloridaACE Annual Conference. Members who were accepted were entered into a drawing. In the past two years, six FloridaACE conference registrations have been paid for by CCFCC. Additionally, each member school was able to receive reimbursement for up to two members to attend the 2016 FloridaACE Drive-In Conference. During John’s time as Chair, he also established the annual CCFCC reception at the FloridaACE conference, created a chair position for social media and marketing, established committees, and promoted the idea of creating awards for high achieving members and students of member institutions. FloridaACE was also able to partner with CCFCC to co-sponsor SoACE’s President’s Reception last year when their annual conference was in Florida.

The John T. Brownlee Leadership Award was established in 1987 by the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers (FloridaACE) in recognition of John T. Brownlee’s contribution and tireless efforts on behalf of the organization. It is the highest honor that a member of FloridaACE can receive and the list of recipients is a “who’s-who” of outstanding career services and human resources professionals who have led the way to make FloridaACE the exemplary organization that it is today.

In order to be considered for the Brownlee Leadership Award, a member must receive two letters of nomination. John received three. Excerpts from the nominations John received:

“John has been dedicated to his profession through his work on the leadership team of the CCFCC.  His enthusiasm and passion are evident in his commitment to the members of this group as well as the students served.  John regularly schedules meetings, connects its members to professional development opportunities and just plain gets things done.” – Mark Colvenbach, Director, Office of Career Services, The University of Tampa


“John’s leadership style includes modelling collaboration, professionalism, service to the industry, persistence, and vision.  As the Treasurer for CCFCC, I grew under his leadership because the single-minded pursuit of his vision pushed us to expand as a consortium and to develop individually as professionals.  Additionally, John is quick to make newcomers feel welcome and to encourage service and engagement, thereby assisting new career services professionals to develop swiftly and to become successful practitioners, while simultaneously ensuring the progress and ongoing success of organizations such as CCFCC and FloridaACE.  I consider it a privilege to have worked so closely with him these last 3 years, and to have witnessed his exemplary leadership.“

– Erin Minta, Program Manager, Career Services, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


“John’s passion and enthusiasm has spilled over into the FloridaACE organization.  He has suggested and led sponsorship opportunities by CCFCC at the FloridaACE conference, encouraged volunteer and presenter opportunities by CCFCC members, and led by example by volunteering himself at previous conferences and events.”

– Sandi Ohman, Assistant Director, Career Services, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

On behalf of FloridaACE, congratulations to John receiving this award! Having worked with John for many years through both FloridaACE and CCFCC, it was a sincere honor to announce John as the recipient and to hand him the award on stage at the Annual Conference this year. It is truly inspiring to see someone’s leadership, hard work, enthusiasm, passion, and service rewarded when you know first-hand how well-deserved it is.

The call for nominations for the 2018 John T. Brownlee Leadership Award will be announced in the November. Please consider nominating a dedicated FloridaACE member who has made a significant contribution to the association and/or the career services or university relations/college recruiting professions. Board members are not eligible. A list of past award recipients and selection criteria can be found on the Brownlee Leadership Award page of the FloridaACE website.


Meagan is looking forward to getting involved at #FloridaACE18

Meagan Jones – Assistant Director of Career Planning – Saint Leo University Meagan Jones

“I was very excited to attend the FloridaACE conference as a first time attendee. I had the opportunity to meet and connect with numerous employers, vendors and professionals in the field. FloridaACE members welcomed first time attendees with open arms which allowed for an exchange of wonderful pleasantries, and as a result long lasting personal and professional friendships were established! In the future, I am looking forward to attending FloridaACE next year as well as getting involved in several committees!”

Christine Richard has this to say about her first time at #FloridaACE17

Christine Richard – MST Internship Coordinator – Indian River State College

Christine Richard

As a first time attendee at #FloridaACE17, I appreciated the opportunity to network at such a beautiful and relaxing resort!   The roundtables and workshops were a great way to hear about current trends and to network with peers.   The presenters were professional and provided valuable information and great ideas on their topics.  I especially appreciated the discussions on resumes and internships.   I came away refreshed and ready to implement new initiatives that will benefit our students!

Looking forward to #FloridaACE18!

1st Timer’s Take on #FloridaACE17


Devyn Montalvo, MSW  – Director of Career Services & Community Outreach – Webber International University 

“As a first time attendee of Florida ACE, I was very pleased with the event and cannot wait to return next year. I chose to commute instead of staying at the hotel, and I can confidently say it was worth the almost three hours of driving each day. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”